What Exactly Is ARTHRITIS?

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Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control estimates that if numbers continue to rise, very soon, one out of four adults will suffer from the disease at some point during their life. Currently the estimates are as high as 23% of Americans adults suffering from arthritis. “We just think that’s alarming in terms of the number,” said Tino Mantella, president of the Arthritis Foundation.

Tino is correct.

While there are many different varieties of the disease, the term “arthritis” has been used to describe in a much broader sense anyone suffering joint and chronic mobility pain, joint swelling, as well as overall stiffness.

There also appears to be no end in sight to the explosive growth of people that are contracting arthritis at an earlier age. Because arthritis is primarily an autoimmune disease, many people are susceptible to contracting arthritis.

New studies link decreased nutrition and all forms of toxins that are invading our food chain as contributing to the body’s immune system breaking down and mistakenly attacking joints, cartilage and other areas of the body.

Other diseases and events in your life can contribute to contracting arthritis; such as bacterial infections, gout even medical treatments that can affect your cartilage can become issues that later develop into full blown arthritis.

While we could go into great detail about the specifics of each different kinds of arthritis our main concern is the pattern of severity and locations of where arthritis in a general term seems to occur in the human body and how to reverse this naturally.

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