Lumbar Arthritis: Causes , Types , Symptoms And Prevention

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In this article we will talk about lumbar arthritis , also known as spinal arthritis , we will also talk about the causes , symptoms and types and the stuff you should do to avoid getting arthritis.

Types Of Lumbar And Spinal Arthritis

Lumbar Arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis : it is the most common type of arthritis were the cartilage breaks down making it harder for the joints to move.
  • Psoriatic : it is a type of arthritis that can develop with some people who have psoriasis , most of the time the person get psoriasis then after a while he gets Psoriatic .
  • Spondyloarthritis : Spondyloarthritis is an umbrella term of inflammatory diseases that can affect most of the joints in your body , it can also affect some internal organs , like eyes .
  • Enteropathic arthritis : it is a form of chronic , inflammatory arthritic that is usually come with the occurrence of an inflammatory bowel disease .
  • Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) : it is an autoimmune inflammatory disease in which your immune system that is supposed to protect your body attacks some healthy cells by mistake , causing pain and inflammatory , Rheumatoid arthritis usually attacks joint , and in most of cases many joints at once.
  • Osteoporosis : it is a bone disease in which the quality of the bones gets reduced leading to broken bones sometimes , Osteoporosis causes no pain unless a broken bone has occurred .

Causes Of Lumbar Arthritis:

Most Lumbar arthritis cases are results of specific arthritis conditions , but most of them are cases of (OA) or Osteoarthritis .

Symptoms Of Spinal Arthritis:

Lumbar arthritis is a result of movement and inactivity , it can be more painful after standing or sitting upright for a long time, the pain can be felt from the center of the low back , and it expand to the side of the buttocks , it also can expand to the thighs and knees in some rare cases.

However these symptoms develop slowly and aren’t noticeable at the beginning , but any fast movement , twisting or backward motion can cause injury in the low back to people with those symptoms .

Treatments Of Lumbar Arthritis:

.OTC pain medication

.Stop smoking , smoking increase your chance of developing OA , why? well because smoking helps produces forms of inflammations which in case you dont know , inflammations can develop to arthritis.

.A healthy diet : a healthy diet helps your body getting the important and helpful vitamins and minerals which will help you restore and heal the damaged joints and parts in your body.

.Exercises , especially water therapy : if you have serious pain , you should visit a doctor that can help you find the perfect exercises and how to do them because doing the wrong exercises in the wrong way your case may get even worse , if you are still having pain while doing exercises then you should immediately stop.

.this treatments would help you lose some weight that will reduce the pressure from you back.


Exercising properly , as we mentioned earlier the secret is doing the right exercise in the right way.

Giving up on smoking : we mentioned earlier how stopping smoking WILL help you get better , smoking is also known for his ability to damage and ruin other parts in your body , so you better stop it even if you dont have arthritis.

Sitting properly : just like exercising , sitting properly may be painful in the beginning but after a while you will get used to it , if the pain is growing continuously you should visit a doctor to tell you what tools you can buy to help you.

Wearing comfortable shoes: wearing uncomfortable shoes may give you pain in your feet , after a while this pain can expand to your knees or spine.

Eating healthy food

maintaining a healthy weight : we mentioned earlier how having a healthy weight helps your spine because extra weight puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on your spine and back.

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