How Does Smoking And Drinking Alcohol Make Arthritis Even Worse?

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In this article we will talk about the problems that a smokers and people who drink can get from arthritis and differences between people who does smoke and drink and people who don not smoke and drink situations.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – MAY 31: Isaiah Atkinson smokes a cigarette in front of the San Francisco Centre on May 31, 2011 in San Francisco, California. Since 1987, the World Health Organization has celebrated “World No Tobacco Day” to raise awareness to the health risks associated with smoking tobacco. Smoking is the second biggest cause of death globally and is responsible for the death of one in ten adults worldwide. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Higher Death Rates :

People who smoke have a higher death rate than those who don’t , this has been proven where it have been tested and asked to stop smoking , and some of them did and some did not , the people who stopped smoking lived longer than the average live time of a person who smokes .

More Surgery Complications : 

It is known that surgery is not necessary in all arthritis cases , but sometimes it is where the situation can not be fixed naturally, and if the person who have to do the surgery is a smoker , the surgery will be way much complicated than usual since smokers have more damaged parts and complicated substances in their joints and also it make the body response by making inflammations , the inflammations in a body of a smoker is more dangerous than the inflammations that a person who does not smoke can have .

Less Effective Treatments :

it has been proven that people who smoke have lower chance to respond to medications , some of the smokers actually need biologic therapy if they have been smoking for a long time since the inflammations a smoker can get can not be healed or regenerated in a simple way.

Damaged Cartilages:

Smoking is known by harming the whole body not just the cartilages ,smoking increases your chance of developing AO since it forms inflammations so fast and it does not make normal inflammations it make way more dangerous inflammations that may lead to a lot of pain , a damaged cartilage may cause it to swell which makes it harder for the joint to move.

Smoking is bad for your health and body , so that’s a good reason for you to quit it

Alcohol And Arthritis:

But what about alcohol ? is it related to arthritis? in short terms , YES . the only arthritis type that alcohol can cause is gout , gout is when something called uric occur in your hand or feet and it is so painful , sometimes it can happen once , and sometimes it come over and over again .Gout is triggered or awakened by something called purine and alcohol has a huge amount of purine. alcohol is also diuretic , it means that you consume water more than usual when you are drunk , so it can cause problems to your tissue and cartilages if they got too dry and your joints need the cartilages to not be dry so the joint moves freely.

When you are drunk you might also fall or damage a part of your body , this way you can damage a joint and get arthritis that is not gout.

There is a hypothesis that some doctors made , that hypothesis says that people who drink alcohol have a lower chance to develop RA but you increase your chance of getting other diseases , but still it is still a hypothesis that most of the doctors do not agree about.

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