Hand Arthritis:

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In this article we will talk about hand arthritis , types , causes , symptoms and common cases and some ways to avoid hand arthritis .

Types Of Hand Arthritis:

  • osteoarthritis: this kind of arthritis usually happens because the smooth cushion between the bone , also known as cartilage start fading away causing pain in the joint and making it harder for them to move , it also causes swelling in the joints , osteoarthritis can occur in any joint in your body but it often occur in the joints of the hands and the knees.
  • rheumatoid: this type is similar to osteoarthritis , but instead of making the cartilages fade away ,a forms of inflammation start occurring between the joints , then the lines between your joints start getting inflamed and thickened followed up with fluid building up causing your joints to erode and claps .
  • psoriatic: this type of arthritis usually happen to someone if this person had psoriasis , one of the symptoms of psoriatic is red patches of skin topped with silvery scales , most people usually develop psoriasis then they start developing psoriatic .
  • Each type develops differently but all of them lead to pain and a discomfortable feeling in the hand or fingers.

Symptoms Of Hand Arthritis:

Pain and discomfort in fingers or hands , swelling is one of the symptoms as well because as we mentioned earlier that the fading of the cartilages causes swelling in the joints , noticing red patches of skin topped with silvery scales may also be one of the symptoms , you can visit a doctor so he can tell you if you really have a problem or no.

Cases Of Hand Arthritis:

  • Swelling : The cartilages and tissues are made to protect the delicate joints in your hand , if the cartilage is damaged it will cause swelling in the joint , and the opposite can happen , if the joint is damaged it may cause swelling in the tissues and cartilage.
  • The swell of the tissues in your hand may make your hands or finger to look puffier than usual
  • Joint deformity : The cartilages in your hand can disappear unevenly ,  plus , the cartilages are made to hold the joints in a place where it grows weaker as the arthritis develops , these two processes may cause deformities in your hand , the swelling of the joints can also make your hand feel uncomfortable because as the joint or cartilage swell , it becomes harder for the joint to move.
  • Joint stiffness : if a cartilage is swollen the joint cant move freely which leads to joint stiffness , it usually happens after waking up since you haven’t used your hand for hours or after an exhausting day where your fingers are experiencing more stress than usual
  • There are more cases but these are the most common ones

Preventing From Hand Arthritis:

  • Gaining a healthy weight that would help fighting OA : having a healthy wight is always good for any type of arthritis , not just hands and fingers since losing weight decreases the amount of pressure that your joints are experiencing.
  • Playing safely while doing sport or any activity : playing aggressively is one of the most causes of hand pain and hand arthritis , since people who play aggressive may fall damaging their joints or other people joints , so playing safely may save you from a lot of problems .
  • Getting a comfortable keyboard if your job requires a lot of typing : if you a computer engineer or if you are a person who use the computer a lot it a normal thing if you start having pain in your hands since you use then a lot , so getting a good and a comfortable keyboard will really help you.
  • don’t smoke , this may reduce the chance of developing RA : smoking and drinking alcohol as well can cause you arthritis in any part in your body , since smoking increases your chance of developing RA because it makes a lot of inflammation forms , and drinking alcohol increases your chance of developing gout , smoking and drinking alcohol can cause more problems than arthritis , so leaving them even if you dont have arthritis is always a prefect option

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