Food You Should Avoid If You Have Arthritis

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In this article we will talk about types of food that you should avoid in case you have arthritis because they may make your situation even worse.

Inflammatory Foods:

You should avoid this type of food because it causes more pain and may even produce other inflammation forms in different parts in your body , you also should go for anti-inflammatory food because it reduces the pain .

Fried And Processed Foods:

You should avoid this type of food too because It have been proven that reducing fried food helps restoring some natural defenses in your body , you may also add some vegetables to your meal because they contain vitamins that help making your immune system even stronger.

Reduce The Amount Of AGE In Your Meal:

 AGE here does not refer to how much years you have lived until now , but it refers to advanced glycation end products which is a toxin produced when food is heated , grilled or fried , this toxin may make the arthritis even worse since the AGE toxin can produce some forms of inflammation.

Alcohol And Tobacco:

Tobacco and alcohol are known for their ability to destroy your health , and one of the things they can cause problems is your joints , if you smoke you have a higher chance of developing RA , and if you drink you have a higher chance of getting gout .

Overall smoking and drinking cause more problems that are more dangerous than arthritis , and that is a good reason to quit them.

Salt And Preservatives

Know what you are eating , a lot of food that you think is safe contains a huge amount of salt , eating too much salt produces a lot of inflammation forms . salt alternatives are also not healthy , sometimes they are more dangerous than the normal sugar .

Omega-6 Fatty Acid:

Corn , nuts , sunflower and most meats contain omega-6 fatty acids which is a little bit healthy , but a huge amount of it may produce forms of inflammations , most of fat types actually are considered to stimulate inflammation if it is taken in large amounts , so you should avoid most of fats to keep your self healthy.

Sugar And Certain Sugar Alternatives:

Just like salt , a lot of food that you think is sugarless actually contains sugar , you should be careful about food that contain refined sugar more , like chocolate , candy , soda , refined sugar in this food may lead your body to produce some proteins like cytokines that may cause inflammations .

Eating regular sugar may lead some people to seek food that contains Sugar Alternatives as if it was healthier or safer than the regular sugar , it wrong , there are some sugar alternatives that are more dangerous than normal sugar for some people since their body can cause inflammations in itself as a way to response , sugar alternatives are mostly found in diet soda , gum and pudding.

Cheese And High-Fat Dairy:

Cheese, butter, cream cheese, margarine are all rich of both fats and advanced glycation end products (AGE) ,this substances should be taken separately because all of them can cause inflammations , but a recent study have found that some dairy products actually contain anti-inflammatory for people who digest cow milk easily or in another word people who are not sensitive to cow milk.

organic dairy products – milk, sour cream, cottage cheese, yogurt

Red Meat:

meat and especially red meat contains a huge amount of fats as we mentioned earlier , which also as we mentioned earlier causes different forms of inflammations ,additionally meat also contains advanced glycation end products also know as AGE which we said earlier that you should avoid , this substances stimulate inflammation when boiled or grilled or fried .

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