Adapting Your House With Arthritis

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In this arthritis we will talk about some ways you can adapt your house through in case you have arthritis.

  • get a therapy to help you choose the best and the most comfortable house for you that saves energy while allowing you to do your natural routine , this one is not necessary all the time , it is optional if you know what you need.
  • buy small and light items that are easy to handle , for example do not buy huge water bottles , instead buy the light small ones , for example , instead of buying one big bottle of water you can buy four small ones , it will make it easier for you bringing items to the home and easier for you to use this items in home.

  • do not put your stuff in high places , instead put them somewhere easier to reach , you should follow this advice because falling from a high place will make your situation even worse .
  • try sitting while doing your routine , like sitting while taking a bath , sitting while washing your clothes , following this advice is really helpful in adapting your house since you make less pressure on your legs and feet which makes it more comfortable for your body.
  • buy a commode if squatting while using the bathroom is painful , we all know that using the bathroom is something we do everyday so if it is painful it will make you suffer a lot , that why having a commode will really help you since it makes sitting easier and painless.
  • turn on bedside lamps when going to the bathroom at night so you can avoid falling , this one might be important and helpful if you go to the bathroom or walk around the house in night time.
  • make sure your pathway to the door is clean , you should always make sure there are no object at the ground while going out , for example children’s toys and stepping on them is really painful.
  • start doing activities while you can’t feel pain , for example go to shopping in the morning if you feel the pain at night or start cooking your dinner early if you usually feel pain at the night.
  • get an electric can or a jar opener for example to make cooking and doing stuff in the kitchen easier , we all love this machine since it makes it much easier for us to open jars , getting one of those is really good and healpful even if you do not have arthritis.
  • remove throwed objects from the ground , for example children’s toys from the carpet , even if you do not have arthritis you should make sure you follow this advice since it makes it safer for you to move around your house.
  • quit smoking , smoking is known for how harmful and dangerous for your body and health , it can cause arthritis and making it even worse because it makes your body produce forms of inflammations in a way of reaction , so stopping smoking will be very helpful for you if you smoke and have arthritis .
  • stop drinking alcohol , alcohol is known of causing only one type of arthritis which is gout , gout usually occur on your hand or feet , alcohol can cause you problems more than arthritis since getting drunk may get you fall on a part of your body that you have arthritis on , you also fall and experience a lot pain .

You can prevent yourself from arthritis by sitting and sleeping in a properly way , stop smoking because it reduces the chance of developing RA , taking rests whenever you need it , finding the comfortable way to do stuff , doing sport and activities safely .

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