3 Best Exercises To Avoid Arthritis

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In this article we will talk about exercises that will help avoid arthritis , and it may help you with tights and feet pain , we will also talk about some symptoms that if you have you should stop exercising.

Does Exercises Make The Pain Even Worse?

If you have arthritis it will if you did it the wrong way , so the trick is what is the right Knee exercise and how to do it.

Deep squatting

This exercise is one of the best exercises which also helps making strong legs , as long as you are not feeling any pain while exercising you can add squatting to your routine , you will get the most benefits if you have arthritis since this exercise will remove all the unnecessary pressure from your knees.

Deep lunging

Just like squatting , lunging is a really good exercise and just like squatting , it will benefit those who have arthritis more than others since it is so good to make the leg strong , just like squatting, it may also cause unnecessary pain if it’s practiced in the wrong way .

If the pain starts being more than usual while practicing you should stop doing it , go visit a doctor , and ask him what other exercises you can practice.

You may find it helpful to practice langue while holding in the back of a chair or a table.


Running overall is a good way to control your weight , reducing your weight means also that your back and knees will experience less pressure . However , professional do not advice running to those who have arthritis , unless you were practicing it before you had arthritis , but if you weren’t , you better don’t do it  because it may make the pain worse. 

If you have any of those symptoms you better stop exercising until you visit a doctor :

  • increased swelling : if you notice the part that you have arthritis in start swelling you should stop and visit a doctor because that means tissues and cartilages around your joint are swelling which makes it harder and painful to move your joints.
  • sharp, stabbing, or constant pain : as we mentioned earlier , the pain getting worse means that you should stop because if you did not the pain will get even worse .
  • pain that causes you to limp or change your gait : if this happens it means that your case has gotten even worse .
  • joints that feel warm to the touch or are red : your joint being red or red means that the tissues that are surrounding the joint are having more fluid than natural which can lead to a swollen joint .
  • pain that lasts more than two hours after exercise or worsens at night : if the pain is lasting even after you finished exercising that means that your case has gotten worse when you started exercising .

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